"Our experience with your center has been incredibly supportive to a new, more cohesive lifestyle with our sons, in particular our son who has Autism.  The work and dedication you have to your patients gives us the light we as parents were so desperately seeking.  The consistency and the tools you demonstrate and practice during therapy give us a reliable language foundation to build upon for his future.  These tools have shown us how to teach him to communicate effectively...we are privileged to have had you in our lives and keep up the good work."

-S.D., Lincoln

"You have been an immeasurable catalyst for change and growth in for our daughter.  And, in turn you've left your mark on our entire family.  Thank you so much for your endless positivity and caring.  I honestly don't know where we would be without you."

-J.L. Lincoln

"Thank you so much for your work with our son!  His progress has been unbelievable.  It has truly changed our lives.  We will all miss coming to see you on Friday mornings but are so glad he no longer needs speech therapy.  You are an angel!

-A.O. Lincoln

"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being such a fabulous speech language pathologist for our son.  You have helped him so much and it was so great to see him blossom so this past year!  Whenever I take him to Heartland Speech I am amazed at how much love and kindness you and Laura so consistently show our little boy.  You give and give and give some more to so many young people.  You amaze me!  One day our son will be a normal, functioning adult and much of the credit will go to you, for you work so patiently with him.  We feel so privileged to have him at Heartland Speech!  We appreciate both of you very much!"

-K.B., Lincoln


"Thank you so much for all you do.  Our daughter would never be where she is today without you.  We just want you to know how much we appreciate you and look forward to working with you more!

 -T.C., Lincoln


"I wanted to take a few moments to express my appreciation to you both.  You will most likely never know what our lives were like before our son started coming to speech.  But now he is starting to put words together, make requests, and express his needs.  Thanks to the both of you, he is less frustrated and overall has a better quality of life.  You all did that.  I will never be able to express how grateful I am.  Again thank you."

 -T.L., Lincoln

"I can't begin to tell you guys what you mean to our family. It's amazing to find the help and support that you have provided us for years and to see all the progress you have helped my son make. Thank you so much!

-J.C., Lincoln


We would love to hear from you!  If you have feedback you'd like to share regarding your experience at Heartland, email us at laurasteffensen@hotmail.com